How to make the most of your advertisement


Advertising is the life of trade.

These words are absolutely true. It’s hard to overstate how powerful the right advertisement could be for your business success. It literally can work miracles.

A case in point is Old Spice’s marketing campaign called “The man your man could smell like”.

At the moment it was launched, Old Spice was in a tough spot. The company had a long and rich history. However, the new generation of consumers posed new challenges.

Winning hearts and minds of millennials was vital for the company’s future. And the appearance of such powerful rivals as Dove, Nivea and especially Axe made the situation much worse.

These companies started to crowd Old Spice out of men’s grooming market. The products Old Spice made were perceived as old-fashioned. And all the attempts to revive their popularity had gone down in flames.

That’s why Old Spice decided to make a U-turn. Instead of targeting men, they shifted their focus to females. Why?

Because women often make the decision to buy hygiene goods even when it comes to male family members. “The man your man could smell like” advertisement was aimed to persuade women to choose Old Spice products and resulted in one of the most successful marketing campaigns in history.

Great! But…

What let Old Spice not only save the day but also lead the field?

That was the properly chosen audience and engaging content. The exact things you need to pull it off on Facebook.

However, unlike Old Spice, you don’t have to spend a fortune on it. The cost of Facebook Ad is way lower than that of television commercial. And the network allows you to easily zoom in on the people interested in your products.

The thing you need to do is create engaging content for your advertisement. Yet, before you get down to it, it’s useful to look at the best Facebook Ads examples and find out what exactly could lead you to success.



Well, let’s do it!






Great examples to learn from

Best Facebook Ads example #1: Make it cute


If you decide to dropship baby clothes, creating engaging content for your Facebook ad becomes much easier.

Kids are cute, aren’t they?

Look at the picture above. It’s hard to miss such an image while scrolling your Facebook News Feed. It grabs your attention and invokes positive emotional response. That’s why this ad has got 571k likes, 4k comments, and 7300 people have shared it.

Besides, the short and informative copy to the picture pushes people to making a purchase. Thus, this ad is one of the best Facebook Ads examples.

Here’s one moLibraryre almost identical example that proves the mentioned above.


Great, isn’t it?

Moreover, cute Facebook Ad isn’t confined to baby clothes. Take a look at the following picture.


Yeah, right! It’s a dog wearing a hat that’s got 432k likes, 2.8k comments and 6.2k shares on account of the same reason. It’s too charming to disregard it. And the emojis above the image emphasis the feeling people have looking at it.

Animals like cats and dogs can be as effective as kids in catching customers’ attention. So, if you sell goods related to animal or baby topic, you could follow these examples and make your Facebook ad cute.

Best Facebook Ads example #2: Create a matching background

facebook-ads-04-min.pngIt was a Greek philosopher named Plato who suggested that beauty is the result of symmetry and harmony.

Indeed, things that catch human eye are those that have all the parts matching and completing each other like in the picture above.

This Facebook ad offers to buy a wave ring. But what makes this post really attractive is the fact that the foreground is in line with the background. The sea matches the wave ring on the hand.

This harmony along with the 20% discount have earned this ad 503k likes, 1.7k comments and 2.1 shares. Not bad, right?

Another good example of this tactic is shown in the image below.

facebook-ads-05-min.pngHere, you can see the color of background perfectly matching the color of the cardigan. This catches the attention of customers. And the state of urgency created by the claim that the stock is running out provokes impulse purchases.

As the result, 815k have liked this Facebook ad, 2.1k have left their comments, and 1.3k have shared this post.

Breakthrough Facebook Ads example #3: Make it desirable

facebook-ads-06-min.pngAll people want to look more attractive, don’t they?

Of course, they do. Look at the picture above.

This Facebook ad promoting some cardigan has got 654k likes, 2.2k comments and 2.2 shares. So, what makes this post so successful?

24-hour flash sale?

Yeah, it’s great, but… What really makes a difference is that slim model wearing the cardigan. This trick lets customers think that buying this product can help them look as attractive as the girl in the picture.

You can see the same method employed in the example of Facebook Ads below.


Supported by the large discount, this commercial has achieved even better results.

Effective Facebook Ads example #4: Take close-ups

facebook-ads-08-min.pngIf your dropshipping store is dedicated to some kind of jewelry such as rings, necklaces or watches, the best way to promote these products is taking close-ups.

You can look at the image above. The way this photo was taken allows customers to see the necklace in detail. Thus, people get a comprehensive picture of the product, which is necessary when it comes to selling jewelry.

So it’s not surprising that this post has collected 918k likes, 76k comments and 160k shares. Impressive, isn’t it?

The picture below shows watches in the same close-up style and, as you can see, has also got great results.

facebook-ads-09-min.pngBest Facebook Ads example #5: Shoot videos

facebook-ads-010-min.pngVideo content is the most engaging one. Just take a glance at the example in the picture above.

One brief look is enough to understand that this Facebook ad has done the job. 35 million views and 389 thousand shares are the best evidence of its efficiency. Let alone 646k likes and 39k comments.

So, if your Facebook ad contains videos showing off the benefits of using your products, you’re highly likely to get people’s interest and make them buy your goods.

Let’s take the one below. Here, you can see a video telling how buying the bracelet will help to save the ocean. Many people are concerned about the state of environment. That’s why they’re likely to watch it and make a purchase.

facebook-ads-011-min.pngBest example of Facebook Ads #6: Use a blurred background

facebook-ads-012-min.pngAnother great way to emphasis the best parts of your products and catch customers’ attention is using a blurred background. It’s especially effective when dropshipping décor items like in the image above.

This advertisement has dozens of likes, comments and shares. The picture of this wine glass makes people focus on the product and helps them get a clear picture of how it’s going to embellish their homes.

Below, another great examples of using a blurred background to create an engaging Facebook ad.

facebook-ads-013-min.pngfacebook-ads-014-min.pngBest Example of Facebook Ads #7: Let customers choose

facebook-ads-015-min.pngDifferent strokes for different folks.

This saying is especially relevant when it comes to apparel. Someone may like pink color while another one can’t stand it and prefer grey.

That’s why your Facebook ad should let customers see that they have various options to choose from. A good instance of this is shown in the picture above. Those who don’t want to buy the pink hoodie can pick the one of different color from the alternatives in the left side of the picture.

In the image below, you can see even wider range of options. This tactic allows both these ads to get people’s engagement and to be ones of the best Facebook Ads examples.facebook-ads-016-min.png

After going through the best Facebook Ads examples, you know the necessary techniques and tricks.