Content marketing

Our content marketing services are customer-driven, SEO-focused and compelling copy that sells. We’ll write content that gives value, help get you the targeted traffic, links and drive big growth to your business.
Bloggers are 80% more likely to get strong results if they repeatedly update their old blog posts.
80% of purchasers say that content has a moderate or major impact on their buying decisions.
Big brand like Coca-Cola invests more money in content marketing than they do in television advertisements.

Content marketing process, from start to finish

Effective content and copy-writing are the most basic of an online presence. Without content, no amount of search engine optimization or pay-per-click advertising will work out.

01 PLAN.

First, Understanding how to combine your goals, audience, and resources into a coherent game-plan.


We will brings a full range of editorial, visual, and interactive content capabilities to your project.


Our promotion efforts cover the full earned, paid, and owned media landscape, focusing on PR, outreach, & paid social channels.


We help our clients measure, analyze, report, and improve upon their content performance.

Content Marketing Capabilities

In today’s world of digital, the content that matters is anything that is public and shareable. This includes website content, articles, blogs, videos, press releases, presentations and more. We’ll work with you to develop a compelling messaging strategy that is merged into every single of content, regardless of any platform

Case Studies & Website Copy

Engage visitors with web pages written by our team and drive them down the funnel with psychological sales proof from case studies.

Quality Blog/Article Creation

Increase search visibility and engage visitors with high-quality content that emphasize virtual storytelling.

Newsletters & Email Copy

Execute on your email marketing strategy with our industry experts in the driver’s seat of your automation platform.

Infographics & Asset Design

Get on-board with visual content marketing – we design everything from full-size printable info-graphics to formatted whitepapers.


Most CEO’s know maintaining a content is one of the best ways to grow their audience and increase their Google page rank. Whether you are a  startup business or run your own cafe, having article/blog is one of those Marketing 101 commandments that everyone seems to understand.
What some people may get to the point, however, is that having a spot for your articles is not enough. What truly matters is that your articles are carefully designed to help you achieve your goals.
Content when planned carefully, lowers user-acquisition costs and raises conversion rates by empowering new prospects to find you for free. Content is what saves you from having to dump ever-more money into traditional ads.
Content, as they say, is king.

Our pricing plans

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Basic Plan

  • 3 Blog or Article
  • 3 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
  • Web site Analysis

RM100Per blog


Advance Plan

  • 10 Key Words Optimized
  • 3 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
  • Web site Analysis

RM1000Per Month

Premium Plan

  • 10 Key Words Optimized
  • 3 Top 10 Ranking Guarantee
  • Web site Analysis

RM2000Per Sales Funnel

Commonly Asked Questions

Content marketing means creating original copy and telling your brand story in order to promote your business. The content can take on different forms such as blogs, articles, press releases, sales funnel and website content.

Firstly, we will study the product or service you provide. Then we think about the “pain points” of your potential customers. The reason is to have your product or service resolve the customer pain points. We find the ways to engage those customers, and help them see how you can solve their problem and business need.

Currently all blogs, articles,  sales scripts, website copies, case studies, sales funnel and website copies are provided in English and Bahasa only.

We do not write the following niche:- 
Adult, Violence, Religion and MLMs.