To be competitive as an SEO agency in Malaysia and all over the world in terms of positioning on search engines, it is not enough to keep an eye on the latest SEO trends, but we must also know how to predict them, albeit with a dose of inevitable prophecies and approximation. Search engine updates often take operators by surprise, forcing them to run for cover urgently. Other times, on the other hand, they are not difficult to anticipate as in the case of changes made to reward mobile-friendly sites.

Google has already started displaying results which are mobile-friendly and soon it will become another aspect to take into account for the position of the ranking that your company occupies.

Taking into account that today mobile traffic is gaining ground to computer traffic, there is no other option but to take this into account in the results.

Once most of the websites are optimized for mobile, Google will probably seek to define the results in some other way. One of these ways will show diverse results, and this would be dependent on the current device being used.

The slightest improvement in the usability of the mobile web can have a great impact when it comes to receiving requests or making direct sales.

Simply put, making predictions about SEO trends is possible, but you need to be able to see updates when they are still far away on the horizon to have time to prepare.  To this end, below are Three Prophecies about the Future of SEO:

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages will continue to grow

Google has already shown its commitment to Accelerated Mobiles Pages. They have many advantages: faster loading of pages, more visibility, better customer experience, better conversion rate and this is a big advantage for SEO. Google seems pleased with this development and is in the process of creating a second website index dedicated specifically for mobile devices: the Mobile First Index.

Even more than today, it is likely that the websites “Mobile-friendly” will position themselves even more often on the first page and even higher. The higher click rate on these mobile-optimized sites further improves traffic and therefore SEO. The establishment of MPAs also implies a strong growth of traffic, and this has thus increased the number of unique visitors when compared to what was obtainable in the past.


  1. Social networks will be the sole determinant of SEO

In the near future, SEO will not fundamentally change, but would rather evolve its adaptation to technologies, thus making social networks the sole determinant of accurate and profitable SEO.

As we live in a mobile world today, the way we search, interact and buy would continue to change. Interacting on social networks using mobile devices has also become very dominant. Thus, every SEO agency in Malaysia has to continue to adapt to changes in the search engine (zero-position “response engine” strategy, knowledge graph, quick answers, etc.). They will also have to understand and take into account the evolution of the behavior of Internet users (cell phone, voice search …) as this will remain fundamental to position themselves for SEO. There is no doubt that it will be even harder to be in the top spots, so it is essential to be excellent in all basics of reference (no technical problems on the site, more quality pages, serious back links, etc.). To succeed, it would as well be best to focus entirely on Internet user satisfaction, especially on the one coming from all available social media platforms.

  1. Artificial Intelligence will dominate the world (or the SERP)

Google has implemented a very powerful tool to improve its algorithm; it became the third criterion of relevance. RankBrain uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to process 15% of queries currently. Rankbrain will seek to cross-check the information it holds (words, phrases, sentence and semantic analysis) to understand what the user wants. He will remember his answer to enrich his knowledge: this is the principle of machine learning.

It is likely that this portion will increase in the future as Rankbrain is powerful and powerful. We must, therefore, expect to optimize its natural referencing and thus position its site via an artificial intelligence that will grow exponentially.

It’s a safe bet that Google has surprises for all web administrators and SEOs. However, the previously developed axes (Search experience Optimization, Accelerated Mobile Pages and Artificial Intelligence) will surely make them part of it.

In conclusion, it is always difficult to predict the evolution of SEO. Indeed, Google takes advantage of its undisputed leadership to blow hot and cold on websites that have no choice but to adapt to the algorithm changes of Google, Yahoo, and Bing that follow the leader. However, it is possible to identify axes on which Google will rely to modify its algorithm.

Google aims to make life easier for the user by offering the most contented websites, the most updated but also the easiest to use. Obviously, a semantic analysis, a good internal and external mesh or a fast site are reassuring elements. For some time now, Google also takes into account the smooth flow or the display of a website on computer, tablet or mobile, thanks to a responsive design. To this end, the three prophecies about the future of SEO highlighted above would sure be potent as regards every SEO agency in Malaysia.